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Celebrating Sustainability and STEM at the Greenpower Challenge


Carma proudly sponsored the "Trailer Swift" team at the Greenpower Challenge, where young engineers aged 9-11 built and raced an electric car.

Carma is excited to share an update on the incredible success of the "Trailer Swift"car and team at this year's Greenpower Challenge! 

The young engineers, aged 9-11, not only built an electric car  but also demonstrated remarkable resilience and teamwork throughout the event on June 30th.

A Day of Triumphs and Challenges

The day started positively and the team were buzzing with excitement, but they ran into issues due to an axle failure in the very first race. 

Despite this setback, the team remained composed and repaired the kart. Their determination paid off as they went on to secure five successive wins in the sprint races, showcasing their engineering skills and perseverance.

Excellence Across the Board

The team's excellence didn't stop at sprint races. They delivered impressive performances in the slalom, chicane, pit stop challenge, and the 2.3-mile Lap of Champions. Their success was a testament to their hard work, skill, and the strong STEM education they received through this project.

Winning the Sustainability Award

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to sustainability, the "Trailer Swift" team was honoured with the Sustainability Award. This prestigious award celebrates their innovative approach to engineering and their dedication to creating a positive environmental impact.

Ash the Mascot: A Fan Favourite

Ash, our beloved mascot, was a star at the event, capturing hearts and even doing a lap in the kart to promote the fight against climate change. Ash's presence brought joy and highlighted the importance of sustainability in a fun and engaging way.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In keeping with our mission of environmental stewardship, we will be planting trees to compensate for any CO2 emissions from the team. The impact dashboard will be passed down to the next team, ensuring that the legacy of sustainability and STEM learning continues. This initiative underscores the full-circle economy, emphasising reuse and continuous positive impact.

Looking Forward

The "Trailer Swift" car will be passed down to future participants, who will not only inherit a high-performance electric car but also a tradition of resilience, teamwork, and environmental responsibility. This event has been an inspirational showcase of young talent and the importance of sustainability.

Join Us in Celebrating

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the "Trailer Swift" team and everyone involved in the Greenpower Challenge. It was a day filled with learning, excitement, and inspiration, demonstrating the incredible potential of our youth to drive positive change. Let’s continue to celebrate and support these young engineers as they pave the way for a greener future.

At Carma, we believe in doing good together. This event has shown that with determination and teamwork, we can overcome any challenge and make a lasting impact. 

Let's drive change, one electric car at a time.

Congrats to Greenpower for arranging a fabulous STEM experience and well done to the team for driving positive change!

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