Carbon Credits

Reach Net Zero with Carbon Credits

Carma is registered with the Woodland Carbon Code. Our Carbon Credits allow you to offset your carbon emissions, utilising nature based solutions.

Carbon Credits, simplified.

Each credit will be from a verified nature based solution,  meeting Carma's highest quality standards and will be visible on your impact dashboard.

1. Tell us your requirements

Book a call or request more information, we will let you know what credits are available to suit your business needs.

2. Choose Your Carbon Credits

We scour the market to give you the highest quality nature based solutions for offsetting your CO2.

3. Purchase and Display

Buy your credits, we will retire them for you, share your certificate and display your impact on the Carma impact dashboard.

Showcase your commitment with your very own Impact Dashboard

All business customers who purchase a Carbon Credit get access to their very own Impact Dashboard, providing a visual way to report and track your impact over time.

Visual branded dashboard

Customise your impact dashboard to compliment your brand's look and feel.

View your active sites

Monitor your offsetting activity through our global dashboard.

Carma's impact dashboard

Credible Carbon Behaviour

By using nature based solutions, you will be displaying the highest standards of carbon compensation on the market.

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