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Celebrating Sustainability with the Trailer Swift Car!


Carma is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of a talented team of young engineers at this year's Greenpower Challenge on June 30th. Read more today!

Carma is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of a talented team of young engineers at this year's Greenpower Challenge on June 30th. 

The team, which is composed of children aged 9-11, have constructed an electric car named "Trailer Swift. This incredible initiative not only teaches these budding engineers the fundamentals of teamwork and engineering but also instills in them the importance of sustainability.

Building the Future, One Kit at a Time

The Trailer Swift project is a testament to the power of education and sustainability. Each child involved learns critical skills that will serve them throughout their lives, from problem-solving and engineering to collaboration and perseverance. But the lessons extend beyond technical skills. 

This project underscores the significance of sustainable practices and the impact each of us can make.

Carma’s Role in Sustainability

At Carma, we are passionate about creating a planet-positive future. Our sponsorship means more than just having our logo on the car; it’s about supporting a cause that aligns perfectly with our mission of environmental stewardship and social impact. This is why we will also be bringing along:

Ash the Mascot: To make the event even more memorable, our beloved mascot, Ash, will be present to cheer on the team and engage with attendees, highlighting the importance of sustainability in a fun and approachable way.

Ash the Carma Mascot!

Impact Dashboard: We’re providing the team with their own impact dashboard, allowing them to track the positive environmental impact they create. This real-time tool will showcase their achievements and inspire continued commitment to sustainability. As well as being passed down to the next team so they can celebrate the power of collective action.

A Full Circle Economy

The Trailer Swift Car!

What sets this initiative apart is its commitment to a circular economy. The car kit used by the current team will be passed down to future participants, emphasising the importance of reuse and resource efficiency. 

Moreover, for every bit of CO2 emitted during their activities, will be compensated by planting trees with Carma,  reinforcing the concept of giving back to nature.

Join Us in Celebrating

It’s a day to celebrate innovation, sustainability, and the boundless potential of our youth. 

Together, we can make a difference and inspire the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders.

At Carma, we believe in doing good together.

This sponsorship is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future, and we are excited to see the positive ripple effects this initiative will create.

Let’s drive change, together!

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