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Cultivating CARMA - Social Impact Report 2022/23


by Iain Gurney - founder of Carma

Welcome to our annual impact report! As I reflect on the progress Carma has made over the past year, I am filled with pride and optimism. While there is always more we can do to positively impact our planet and communities, I remain committed to our mission of building a business that contributes to a better future.

At Carma, we believe that collective action is the key to creating lasting change. As you read this report, I hope you feel inspired to join us in this important work. By working together, we can make a real difference and create a brighter tomorrow for all.

One of the highlights of this year has been welcoming new team members. We are proud to have hired 3 apprentices, 1 veteran, and 2 new starters, with a third of our team being women, this a great achievement due to lack of women in tech . It has been a privilege to work with these talented individuals and invest in the next generation.

We have also forged many valuable partnerships, attended expos, and secured investment, all of which have helped us build a strong foundation for the future. And when we're not selling tree planting days or subscriptions, we're hard at work building our climate tech to make it even easier for businesses and consumers to make a positive impact.

Our vision to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere is well underway, and we're thrilled to be making progress towards this goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read our report, and for your ongoing support. 

Together, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

 Key Headlines

  • We worked with 24 businesses - providing tree planting days and tree planting subscriptions.
  • We worked with 371 consumers  - providing  tree planting subscriptions and trees and cashback rewards for shopping responsibly with Carma.
  • We implemented the BCorp framework into our business.
  • We overhit our forecast and target with  £386,756.74 gross revenue .
  • 166778 trees planted in the UK and overseas.
  • 56825.8 tons of carbon dioxide successfully absorbed from the atmosphere
  • 1667 workdays created, providing employment for veterans and impoverished communities.

    by Iain Gurney - founder of Carma

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