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Fashioning Change: How Social Socks and Carma Are Weaving Sustainability into Commerce

Ecoverse / Social Socks

In the heart of the UK, Social Socks / Ecoverse has emerged as a pioneering force in sustainable fashion, driven by a profound commitment to environmental and social change.


In the heart of the UK, Social Socks / Ecoverse has emerged as a pioneering force in sustainable fashion, driven by a profound commitment to environmental and social change. Founded by Marc, a dedicated entrepreneur, the brand exemplifies how commercial endeavours can harmoniously blend with profound ethical values. 

Partnering with Carma, a revolutionary app that integrates directly with Shopify to facilitate tree planting at checkout, Social Socks/Ecoverse has not only elevated its brand identity but also its operational impact, aligning consumerism with conservation in a seamless, impactful manner. 

Green Challenges

When Marc set out to establish Social Socks/Ecoverse, his primary challenge was to address pressing environmental and social issues without compromising product quality or business integrity. He was deeply committed to creating a brand that did more than just sell products; it needed to inspire and facilitate real change. Finding a balance between strong unique selling propositions (USPs) and impactful environmental initiatives was crucial, ensuring that the sustainability efforts didn't feel like a marketing gimmick but rather an integral part of the brand's ethos.

"Carma's tree planting service is a game-changer. Professional and forward-thinking, they make it effortless to incorporate their app into our Shopify store. Every purchase contributes to a greener future, showcasing our commitment to environmental change through everyday transactions. Highly recommended!" Marc - Social Socks

Mapping a Greener Future

The partnership with Carma provided an ideal solution to these challenges, allowing Marc to offer a tangible way for customers to contribute to environmental sustainability with every purchase. Carma's integration into the Social Socks/Ecoverse Shopify site transformed the checkout process into an opportunity for customers to engage directly in the brand's sustainability efforts.

Interactive Map Feature:
One of the standout features of Carma’s integration is the interactive map displayed on the Social Socks/Ecoverse website. This tool visually represents where each tree planted through customer purchases is located globally. It serves as a powerful, transparent, and educational tool that aligns perfectly with Marc’s ethos of transparency and accountability in business practices.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience: The map not only informs customers about the specific impact of their purchases but also enriches their shopping experience by connecting them with the broader environmental mission of the brand. It turns a routine purchase into an engaging and meaningful action.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: By providing a visual and interactive representation of the environmental impact, the map addresses a common concern among consumers about the authenticity of brands’ sustainability claims. This transparency is crucial in an era where consumers are increasingly sceptical of corporate greenwashing.
  • Educational Tool: Beyond its role in transparency, the interactive map serves as an educational tool, helping customers understand the global scope of their contributions. It emphasises the interconnectedness of environmental efforts and shows how localised actions (like purchasing socks) can have a worldwide impact.
  • Enhancing Economic Impact: In addition to showing the geographical spread of the reforestation efforts, the interactive map also provides insights into the social impact of these initiatives. It highlights how many workdays have been created, directly linking each purchase with job opportunities for local communities involved in the tree-planting projects. 

Scaling Impact with Sales: As ambitions and capabilities grew, Marc adjusted the tree-planting initiative to scale with the business's growth, evolving from a tree per order to a tree for every £10 spent. This not only increased the environmental impact proportionally with sales but also reinforced the brand's commitment to sustainability as a core part of its business model.

By incorporating these elements into its operations, Social Socks/Ecoverse has effectively demonstrated how commercial activities and sustainability can be seamlessly integrated, providing a model for other businesses looking to enhance their environmental contributions without sacrificing customer engagement or business integrity.

Positive Footprints

The results of integrating Carma into Social Socks/Ecoverse’s operations have been significant:

  • Customer Engagement: Marc noted a strong positive response from customers who appreciated the transparency and the ability to see the direct impact of their purchases through the interactive map and tree planting updates.
  • Brand Loyalty and Advocacy: The initiative has fostered a deeper connection between the brand and its customers, leading to higher return rates and spreading word-of-mouth about both the products and their environmental benefits.
  • Increased Transparency: The detailed breakdown of how contributions are used has set a new standard in an industry often criticised for its lack of clarity, particularly regarding charitable donations and sustainability claims.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Social Socks/Ecoverse plans to continue innovating and expanding its product line. Marc is keenly aware of upcoming regulatory changes and is proactive about adapting marketing strategies to maintain compliance while preserving the brand’s message of sustainability. New designs and products are in the pipeline, aimed at further reducing environmental impact and enhancing customer engagement.

Deeper Partnerships

Beyond merely integrating Carma's tree-planting feature into their Shopify platform, Social Socks and Carma have deepened their partnership through a creative collaboration on a unique sock design. Inspired by the compelling warming stripe graphics created by Professor Ed Hawkins, these specially designed socks visually represent the progression of climate change from 1884 to 2021 across the United Kingdom. This initiative not only enhances the product offering of Social Socks/Ecoverse but also serves as an educational tool that fosters dialogue about global warming. Each purchase of these socks directly contributes to tree planting efforts, reinforcing the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental activism.

Carma Climate Socks


Through its partnership with Carma, Social Socks/Ecoverse has not only strengthened its market position but has also set a benchmark for how businesses can integrate sustainability into their core operations effectively. The case of Social Socks/Ecoverse illustrates that commercial success and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand, providing a valuable model for other companies aspiring to make a positive impact on the planet.

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