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Discover how we plant trees in both the UK and overseas. Find all about our tree planting process for a greener future!

At Carma, we are committed to take action to mitigate the impact of climate change. We do this through tree planting, we plant trees in both the UK and overseas. In this blog post we want to share with you our tree planting initiatives and how they contribute to making a positive difference in the world.  

By engaging in tree planting activities in both the UK and overseas, we provide the Carma community with a unique opportunity to support afforestation and reforestation efforts. Afforestation involves planting trees in areas where no prior forest exists, while reforestation focuses on replanting in areas affected by deforestation. Our UK-based tree planting focuses on new woodland creation, while our overseas projects involve partnering with local communities to restore forests.

The benefits of tree planting extend beyond carbon absorption. Trees play a crucial role in improving the environment and enhancing social well-being. They help reduce air pollution and enhance air quality, making them invaluable in urban areas. Additionally, trees serve as vital shelters for wildlife, particularly endangered species affected by the loss of hedgerows.

In a social sense, tree planting has a positive impact. Studies have shown being around trees boosts mental health. They also provide peace and tranquillity meaning they reduce stress. 

In the UK, we work with the Green Task Force, a group of veterans who are passionate about improving both the environment and veterans wellbeing. This collaboration allows for afforestation and it aids veterans recovery from conflict related issues through nature based therapy. The Green Task Force helps us plant trees across the country. Through this collaboration, we work together to make sure we are planting trees in areas that have the most positive impact. This means that we plant trees in the places where they are most likely to survive. 

We plant a diverse range of trees such as Oak, Beech, Birch, Ash and Willow. It is important to maintain diversity to allow for healthy ecosystems and as a result avoiding monoculture. In the UK, for a tree planting day we will run a biodiversity survey to assess the sites condition. This allows us to use best practice and plant trees that will thrive in that environment.

For our UK trees,  we  run a biodiversity survey to ensure we assess the site’s condition such as soil type, water availability and sunlight exposure and we can plant the correct trees for this area. This ensures maximum success and we begin the planting process! We make sure that our trees will be evenly placed and in properly prepared soil. We then dig at an angle and gently place the root of the trees, pat down the soil to make sure that no water is seeping through. Then, we place a tree shelter over our tree to protect them from wildlife and wind. 

Working with the Green Task Force is undeniably an amazing opportunity for us. It means we can make a positive climate and social impact in the UK.  

We work alongside companies as well and bring companies along to a tree planting day. This gives businesses an opportunity to choose a team-building event with purpose – and do their bit for the environment. Our corporate tree-planting days are a fun, inclusive activity that helps absorb carbon. We plant our UK trees all over the UK which include Wales and Yorkshire.

The process for planting our overseas tree is a similar process. We also are able to work with another amazing company named Veritree. This project focuses on planting trees in rainforests around the world, with a particular emphasis on helping local communities thrive. By planting trees in areas that have been deforested, we are not only helping to mitigate the impact of climate change, but also creating new habitats for wildlife and improving the lives of local people.

Veritree employs groundbreaking technology for visibility and transparency. They verify and monitor the impact of your tree planting efforts to ensure accountability and transparency. Veritree utilises on-the-ground monitoring with mobile devices in the hands of local community members, creating transparency and trust through data and tools that revitalise ecosystems and strengthen communities.

They also use blockchain technology to provide sponsors with a fully integrated platform supporting field-level data collection, site planning, inventory management, and impact monitoring. This system gathers data from the first day of tree planting, providing greater transparency into the entire process.  

By planting trees both in the UK and overseas, we are taking real action to address climate change and improve the lives of the people who live there. 

We hope that this answers the frequently asked question of how we plant our trees! We are passionate about tree planting and we work alongside amazing companies that help us fulfill our mission! 

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