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Planet Positive Workforce: Engaging Employees in Sustainable Impact


At Carma, we're excited to unveil our latest offering: "Planet Positive Workforce." This innovative product is designed to empower businesses to reward and engage their employees while making a tangible differences.

Introducing "Planet Positive Workforce" by Carma: Engaging Employees in Sustainable Impact

At Carma, we're excited to unveil our latest offering: "Planet Positive Workforce." This innovative product is designed to empower businesses to reward and engage their employees while making a tangible difference for the environment and communities in need.

So, What is a Planet Positive Workforce?

"Planet Positive Workforce" allows businesses to invest in their employees' and the planet simultaneously. By purchasing a Carma plan for everyone in  their team, companies can support reforestation projects and biodiversity enhancements. 

With each Carma plan, trees and kelp are planted, contributing not only to environmental restoration but also to the empowerment of communities, including veterans in the UK and increased employment opportunities in impoverished areas.

Why Choose "Planet Positive Workforce"?

Sustainable Impact: Carma facilitates hands-on initiatives that enable teams to directly witness and measure their impact on the environment. From reforestation efforts to biodiversity enhancements, employees can engage in projects that leave a lasting, positive mark on the planet. 

Boost Employee Engagement: Participation in meaningful sustainability projects has been proven to increase employee satisfaction and retention rates. By aligning with "Planet Positive Workforce," businesses can boost morale and foster a culture of responsibility towards the environment among their team members.

Carbon Contribution: By investing in Carma plans, companies can align their brand with sustainability and demonstrate a commitment to the environment. These verified impact actions not only enhance public image but also attract environmentally conscious customers and top talent.

Subscription Options:

"Planet Positive Workforce" offers businesses the flexibility to choose from three subscription models so you can choose the best option for your business, as what you do as a business will determine how many trees you need to plant each month.

For example, if your company is fully remote, therefore employees are not traveling by car each day you may opt for the remote subscription for all of your employees. 

To begin your planet positive workforce, you simply need to choose one of the tiers and select the quantity at checkout. If you are not sure which subscription is right for your business, be sure to get in touch with the team and we will happily work with you to find the best option for you and your team.

Our subscription tiers

Why does Supporting Nature Based Solutions help the Environment?

Biodiversity Projects: Biodiversity projects are essential for safeguarding the environment by preserving endangered species, maintaining ecosystem health, and ensuring genetic diversity, thereby supporting functions like pollination, nutrient cycling, and pest control. 

By protecting biodiversity, these projects foster resilient ecosystems, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and sustain the well-being of both nature and human societies.

Blue Carbon Kelp Initiatives: Planting kelp is beneficial for the environment due to its ability to mitigate climate change impacts, enhance marine biodiversity, and support coastal ecosystems.

Kelp acts as a natural carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping to reduce ocean acidity. Its dense underwater forests provide habitat and food for a wide variety of marine species, promoting biodiversity and supporting fisheries. 

Additionally, kelp forests help stabilize coastal areas, reducing erosion and buffering against storm surges.

Engage Your Employees, Empower the Planet:

"Planet Positive Workforce" isn't just about protecting the planet, it's about fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility among employees. By investing in their well-being and the health of the planet, businesses can create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the office walls.

Join us in building a brighter, greener future with "Planet Positive Workforce" by Carma. 

Together, we can make a difference—one tree, one kelp, one community at a time. Let's empower your team to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Begin your climate impact journey today.

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