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Unleashing the Power of Nature: The Social Benefits of Trees


Trees are a fantastic addition to society. They provide us with many social benefits, such as improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and boosted property values. In this blog post, we explore the many ways that trees benefit society.

Trees are a fantastic addition to the world! Trees  have so many benefits that positively impact not only the planet - but people too! 

Trees have the ability to transform society. They are our biggest weapon in combating climate change, absorbing and storing harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and releasing clean, breathable oxygen back into the air. 

As well as this, trees provide economic value, as well as a  positive impact on mental health and trees also create jobs. 

This blog post will be exploring the ways  that tree planting and having as many trees planted as possible has benefits extending climate action. 


Trees planting in urban areas is a successful way to boost the economic benefits that trees provide. This is because

  • Trees play a crucial role in enhancing property  value. Research shows that homes surrounded by trees tend to have higher property value and shorter sale times. 
  • Due to trees offering shade as well as improving air quality, they also provide natural cooling, reducing the need for air conditioning therefore decreasing energy consumption. This reduces electricity bills for both homeowners and businesses. 
  • According to a study by the American Forests, a single tree can provide $20,000 worth of benefits over its lifetime.


The positive impact of trees on mental health and overall well-being cannot be overstated. Spending time in nature has many mental health benefits such as:

  • Spending time in nature has been linked to reduced stress levels. This was found in a study in which people walked in a forest for a day. They found that due to being surrounded by trees, their blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system was lowered, which is related to stress. More so they found their parasympathetic nervous system was increased, which is related to relaxation.
  • Trees have a calming effect, therefore provide a sanctuary of tranquility amidst built up urban areas. 
  • Studies have also shown being surrounded by trees reduces depression. There are many reasons for this, such as trees help exposure to natural light, improving sleep quality. Trees also improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. This can alleviate people's mood. 


With the planting of trees, it creates jobs and fosters a sense of community in where trees have been planted. This is shown:

  • Research has shown that 25 jobs are created for every 100 hectares of woodland that are restored
  • For us here at Carma, for every 100 trees we plant this creates one workday of employment. For our UK trees, we plant with the Green Task Force, which is a charity which enables veterans to use nature based therapy as a key part of their resettlement journey. For our overseas tree planting, we work with Veritree who work in impoverished communities who work on restoring areas all over the world. 

To conclude, trees go way beyond their positive action in the fight against climate change. 

At Carma, we champion the social benefits of trees and tree planting, recognising  their immense value which is why we truly believe that the more trees in the ground, the better. Every tree planted creates a ripple effect of good . From creating jobs, to relieving mental health stresses, to economic benefits, planting trees is some of the best things we can do as a society. 

If you also believe in the power of trees and want to get as many trees planted and in the ground as possible, subscribe to Carma. With subscriptions starting at £4.50  which will plant 12 trees every month, you can harness the power of trees and be a part of doing good for both the planet and people. 

Find subscriptions here for personal plans and here for business plans!

If you are a business, consider our tree planting days which will give your employees a team building event with purpose. 

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