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Tree Planting Plans: Answering Your Questions


Let's talk about tree planting plans: What are they, their prices and how whether you are a business or an individual, they will help you in becoming a climate hero!

Nature based solutions (NBS) such as restoring forests and wetlands are fast becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses and individuals to help and do their bit amongst the current climate crisis. This is because it is predicted that NBS will contribute towards 30 - 50% of overall global decarbonisation. 

This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release clean, breathable air back into the atmosphere - helping in the fight against climate change. Trees also increase biodiversity, reduce noise pollution and create employment, showing the importance of trees for people as well as protecting the  planet.

However, accessibility to those projects and affordability can feel like a barrier in furthering your sustainability journey.  This is why we wanted to make the process as easy as possible for you in order for you to maximise your positive impact on the environment. Which is why we created our tree planting plans.

Carma’s tree planting plans:

We believe in collective action as being one of the ways to fight climate change which is why we created our tree planting subscriptions for both businesses and individuals who want to make a difference.  We have plans for business and  individuals. We will cover both in this blog but let's start with individuals.

Individual Tree Planting Plans:

We offer three different plans allowing for you to decide which is the plant that most suits your needs. 

So, what do you get out of your tree planting subscription? Our starter subscription, the hero, is £4.50 and each month you get 12 overseas trees, equalling to 144 overseas trees a year! Meaning, your trees will absorb  44.6 tCO2e over their lifetime. 

To visualise the kind of impact your trees will be making lets compare the Co2 absorbed to real life. 

Your Hero plan is equivalent to:

  • Heating 13 average sized homes. 
  • Driving 100,000 miles in an average car.
  • 28 international flights from New York to London in economy. 

As a bonus, you get 2 UK trees a year, so you can bring your positive impact closer to home! Your impact is further magnified by the fact that these trees will be planted by UK veterans who are involved in nature based therapy - helping them in their resettlement journey. 

If you want to do even more than you can subscribe to one of the higher tier subscriptions. Our champion subscription will plant 24 trees a month (288 a year) and our warrior will plant 48 trees a month (578 a year) 

Business tree planting plans:

Many businesses want to do more in making their business more sustainable and have a clear strategy in place to ensure they are doing good for both themselves and their customers but are not sure where to begin. 

This is why we created business plans, aimed at those businesses who are at the beginning of their sustainability journey or who want to continue to add value to their existing sustainability strategy. 

To ensure our business plans are easy and accessible to businesses of all sizes we decided instead of getting an individual subscription for each employee, it would be easier for you to buy one subscription for your business. 

You can tailor it to your business needs and make a bespoke plan or you can find the right pre-tailored plan that suits the size of your business. 

Pricing Table

Let’s take a deeper look at the ‘Advanced plan’ which is the mid tier plan. Each month, for £99.99 you get:

  • 200 overseas trees
  • 8 trees planted by ‘The Green Task Force’
  • A featured post after one year
  • A monthly impact report

Now, what does this mean for your business? Well,  each year you will have planted 2496 trees! Lets visualise this impact further in how much your trees will Co2 will be absorbed in its lifetime:

  • 145 average cars off the road
  • The electricity usage of 149 households in a year

Included in your plan, you get 8 UK trees a month,  meaning your impact is further magnified by the fact that these trees will be planted by UK veterans who are involved in nature based therapy - helping them in their resettlement journey. 

Each business is different which is why we use the tiers, so you can maximise your impact based on your business needs. 

What is the cost of planting a tree?

Our overseas trees are 30p each and in the UK are £4.99 each. We  believe that climate action should be accessible for everyone so we keep our prices as low as possible. 

Our tree planting partners share our belief in this and that is how we manage to keep costs down. Furthermore, the trees we are currently planting with Veritree are mangroves, after 3-5 years mangroves produce and drop their own propagules, which can be used to grow a new tree. 

Who do you plant your trees with?

In regard to our overseas trees, we plant with Veritree. They engage local communities worldwide in data-driven tree planting, ensuring transparency and accountability. Their five-step plan prevents double counting of trees.

In the UK, All our UK trees are planted by veterans via The Green Task Force. This is a subsidiary of the UK Charity the PATT Foundation and was established to solve a number of prominent issues surrounding both the environment and our veterans.

It has been proven that getting veterans involved in Nature Based Therapy (NBT) has a positive effect on their mental health.

We hope this blog has shown you the importance of tree planting and inspired you to get involved! As always, if you have any further questions about our tree planting page please email 

If you want to maximise your impact today, then click here to begin your tree planting journey!

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