Reward Your Customers with Impact from just 30p

Plant Trees with every sale or event

Delight your customers, boost revenue and drive brand and customer loyalty whilst creating positive social and environmental impact.

Carma makes it easy

We’ve made it simple to plant trees with every sale, helping you to create positive impact whilst also increasing conversion and brand loyalty.



Download our Shopify app, integrate with our API or simply sign up to our website.



Install your Carma impact dashboard, edit to suit your brand, accurately display your impact.


Create impact!

Plant trees for every product or service sold and watch your virtual forest grow.

Plant trees, your way


Direct through your dashboard

Simply create an account and purchase trees to reflect your sales. As soon as your trees are purchased your dashboard will update to reflect your impact.


Connect through the Carma API

Regardless of the size of your business, you can connect to Carma through our API and automatically purchase trees and update your impact dashboard.


One click Shopify integration

Our Shopify app is easy to install and allows you to plant trees with every sale, delight your customers, and increase loyalty.

Great for the environment & your business!

By planting trees with every sale, you are not only growing trees but growing your business by being recognised as a force for good.

Increased conversion rates

Businesses have experienced increased conversion rates of up to 10% by incorporating tree planting into customer buying journeys.

Reward your customers

Doing good makes you feel good, so having a tree planted as a reward for a purchase will increase sales and drive brand loyalty.

Set yourself apart from competion

Differentiating your products from your competitors will allow you to stand apart and resonate with climate conscious consumers.

A man holding a sapling

Reward your customers today with the Carma App

Our one click download and easy to install Shopify app will set your business apart from the competition whilst boosting sales and driving brand loyalty.

Showcase your commitment with your very own Impact Dashboard

All businesses funding trees will get access to their very own Impact Dashboard, providing an accurate and transparent way to report and track your impact over time.

Visual branded dashboard

Customise your impact dashboard to compliment your brand's look and feel.

View your active sites

Monitor and track the sites you have planted in and see your impact in real time.

Carma's impact dashboard

We keep things flexible, allowing you to control your impact...

Flexible & affordable

Our trees start at 30p and you choose when your customers get rewarded or if you or the customer pays for the trees.

Choose UK or Offshore

You decide where you make an impact, either in the UK planting with veterans or overseas supporting impoverished communities.

Customisable triggers

Choose whether you plant for every order, every purchase or add a set threshold.

Easily toggle On/Off

You decide when and what products to plant trees with to boost sales and drive loyalty.

Select your Impact

Align your sustainability goals and budget with pay as you grow.

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