Install Carma’s tree-commerce app to your checkout to offer tree planting options to all your customers. You'll not only help us plant more trees – with very little effort – you’ll also see some real business benefits too.

  • Increase conversion by up to 10%

  • Increase customer loyalty and reward your high-value customers

  • Attract new customers who you might not otherwise attract

  • Re-engage with lapsed customers and win them back

  • Stand out from the crowd and your competitors

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Making a difference couldn’t be easier

For as little as 25p per tree, our easy-to-use and easy-to-install app is designed to help you create a positive climate and social impact.

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Flexible features:

  • Choose whether you or your customers pay for tree planting to offset carbon debt

  • Choose between UK and offshore tree planting depending on your budget

  • Switch your rewards on, off, or pause at anytime

  • Adjust and set tree limits in real time

  • Plant trees on the sale of products, on a set order value, or as a promotional offer

  • Access to a simple dashboard with real-time analytics for business reporting

  • Fully secure with customer privacy

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Did you know?

We partner with the Green Task Force to help us plant trees in the UK. They employ UK veterans and service leavers – giving them meaningful employment and helping to have a positive effect on their mental health. Service leavers often suffer from stress, anxiety and even PTSD when transitioning from the service. The Green Task Force helps them combat this with support and Nature Based Therapy.

Take one step closer to making your company a climate-neutral champion today.

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