Corporate tree-planting days

Choose a team-building event with purpose – and do your bit for the environment. Our corporate tree-planting days are a fun, inclusive activity that helps offset your carbon footprint. It’s also great for your CSR and ESG credentials.

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At Carma, we love TO PLANT TREES.
Your employees will, too!

Wouldn’t it be great if your next team building event gave back to the environment? With a corporate tree planting day, you can offset your carbon emissions and have an inclusive, fun, and worthwhile activity.

Your day, your way

We can tailor a day around your business – and make it all as easy as possible. We’ll find a site near you, supply all the trees, tools and equipment, supply food and refreshments, and even arrange transport.

Work together as a team
Great for mental health
Build trust and confidence
Create a shared sense of purpose
Connect through nature
Enhance communication and morale

As trees grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

Planting trees reduces noise, protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays by reducing ozone layer pollution, and lowers frost in agricultural areas.

Trees are referred to as the ‘lungs of the planet’ for a simple reason: they produce oxygen. Estimates show that one acre of trees can provide the oxygen requirements of 18 people for a year.

Trees purify water and slow down rain by filtering it with their roots. This prevents erosion and reduces flooding risks.

Good for the

By planting trees, your business helps address climate change and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Just 13% of the UK’s total land area is covered by trees (compared to an EU average of 35%) but with your help, we’ll plant more trees, slow climate change and do our bit for the environment.

Good for the

Carma partners with The Green Task Force for our tree-planting days. They provide positive pathways to employment for veterans. Did you know 6% of serving and former serving personnel and 17% of those who have been in combat suffer from PTSD. Studies show that getting veterans involved in Nature Based Therapy (NBT) has positive effects on their mental health. Ecotherapy is a formal type of therapeutic treatment involving activities outside in nature.

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Tree planting days

Our UK tree planting days are structured activities led by trained professionals. Facilitated by The Green Task Force, our day kicks off with an overview of Carma and the Green Task Force’s vision and mission. After a health and safety briefing, your team can get stuck into some mud and plant trees.


Breakfast and lunch onsite, unlimited teas, coffee, and refreshments


And, of course, trees, tree protection, and stakes!


Bathroom facilities


All equipment required to plant trees*

Take action today

There has never been a more important time for your organisation to make a positive contribution and our mission is to make that easy.

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Why people love us

‘We have been delighted to work with Carma this year as part of our sustainability strategy. The commitment from the team to not only tackling climate change but also creating a positive impact on biodiversity and communities is so important and completely aligned with what we are working towards. We're looking forward to joining Jim and the team later this year to plant 5000 trees in the UK!'

Ben Knight | Go Cardless

'Our Civica forest initiative is led by our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Committee which launched in 2021 to unite volunteers from every division and region of Civica to further our commitment to the environment. However, the day was so much more than that. From arriving and meeting Jim, and the other inspirational armed forces veterans – it was truly a wonderful experience. The thought and organisation that went on behind the scenes to deliver a day like this was second to none. Subconsciously it turned into a therapeutic team building activity, with cause. Thanks to Jim and team for such a brilliant concept, and here’s to planting more trees'

John Kemp | Civica

As a company we wanted to give back to the communities and by purchasing the trees we also were making green areas sustainable and more enjoyable. The CASS team ventured out of the office for the day to plant 1000 trees and it was one of the best experiences we have done as a team. The weather was glorious and the setting for the tree planting was perfect, and the team had many highlights on the day. The Green Task Force Wales and Carma team were knowledgeable and experienced and made the day very special. We would recommend any company to take part in this activity as it is a positive outcome on every level. We are looking forward to our next tree planting day in March and we really hope this is the next of many.

Tom Gent | Managing Director | Cass

Why people love us


‘We love working with Carma on our ‘giving something back' programme. Carma gives us the ability to easily reward society, the planet and our loyal customers in an easy to manage, one stop, integrated platform'

Mike Durbridge CEO Andrew Martin International Ltd

'Really simple transaction options are clear to choose from. And you’re doing something good for the environment at the same time!'


'Great business model helping the environment whilst giving hope to our army veterans in UK'

Anant Saxena

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