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Understanding the Ecological Impact of Deforestation, Reforestation and Afforestation


A deep dive into the negative impact of deforestation and how investing in reforestation and afforestation projects can help combat climate change.

The world today is facing climate change.This is due to the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and agriculture. 

The result of climate change means rising sea levels, temperatures and more extreme weather events. 

In this blog post,  we are going to be exploring deforestation and how it has negatively impacted the environment. Furthermore, this blog post will show how reforestation and afforestation projects around the world are working to combat climate change and reduce the impact of deforestation.

Meaning of Deforestation :

Deforestation is the clearing of forests for non-forest use. Examples of  deforestation are logging, mining and urban development. 

According to National Geographic, Western Europe has gone from 80% forest cover to 34%. 

In more recent times though, tropical rainforests are the current victims of deforestation. 

Deforestation and Climate Change :

The impact of deforestation on the environment is as follows:

  • Increased greenhouse gas emissions: Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so when they are cut down, this carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. 
  • Loss of biodiversity: Forests are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. When forests are cleared, these species lose their habitat.
  • Increased soil erosion: Trees help to hold soil in place. When they are cut down, the soil is more likely to erode, which can lead to flooding and landslides.

Definition of reforestation :

Reforestation is the process by which organisations  plant trees in areas that have been deforested. 

For example,  reforestation projects work alongside communities to support those impacted by deforestation and manage land restore areas. 

The positive impact of reforestation

Planting trees in those areas means trees can absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce climate change.

Mangrove forests in Kenya helps stabilise and protect the landscape from erosion and creates valuable nurseries in a unique ecosystem.

Coastal Kenya is one of the least developed regions of the country, with more than 62% living below the poverty line. These communities are dependent on mangrove ecosystems for employment, livelihood, and nutrition.

Reforestation at Carma 

When you subscribe to one of our subscriptions or buy trees from us, and the trees are planted overseas, you are helping to reforest the planet.

We work alongside Veritree to plant our overseas trees. They plant trees all over the world, right now we are planting Mangroves in Kenya.  Veritree works alongside communities to help monitor, restore and verify forests in their area. 

If you want to be a part of positive environmental action, then subscribe to one of our packages, in which you can buy a starter package for £4.50 a month and plant 12 trees a month. 

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Definition of afforestation :

Afforestation is the creation of a forest or planting of trees in an area where there was no previous forest. 

Afforestation is often done to restore degraded land, to provide a habitat for wildlife and  to help mitigate climate change.

The positive impact of afforestation :

Afforestation has similar positives on climate change as reforestation,  it helps tackle climate change. They are our biggest weapon in combating climate change, absorbing and storing harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and releasing clean, breathable oxygen back into the air.

Alongside that, they also help prevent flooding, reduce local temperatures and provide habitats for wildlife. Reducing air pollution and increasing biodiversity. 

Afforestation at Carma:

If you have ever bought one of our UK tree planting subscriptions or participated in a tree planting day, you have actively partook in afforestation! 

All of our UK trees are a part of afforestation, we work with the Green Task Force, which are a charity of veterans focusing on new woodland creation. 

If you want to get involved in afforestation and help veterans as a result, buy one of our UK tree planting subscriptions!

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To conclude, deforestation has had an incredibly negative impact on our climate, meaning now that we must invest in reforestation and afforestation projects. These projects are vital for improving the environment and climate, but also for local communities that have been impacted by deforestation. 

By investing in these projects you are creating positive social and environmental impact!


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